My personal review


My personal review


The FOSDEM (Free and Open Source Software Developers’ European Meeting) is an event about FOSS (suprised?). It was started in 2000 and is held annually, during the first week-end of February at the ULB. For 5 years I tried to go to this event but I couldn’t (due to a lot of reasons). So, this was my first FOSDEM experience and I’m not disappointed at all. I arrived in Brussels the Thursday before FOSDEM to visit and did a walk day (photos).

Note: ULB contains Libre, the translation of Free in french.


During FOSDEM you can see a lot of people, talks and stands. I didn’t see in person a lot of talks because I had to meet a lot of persons, had to give my talks and I preferred to see people I can’t see during the rest of the year. But this is some conferences I saw (directly or in the train):

Also, I’m currently waiting the videos of these: and because I want to see these projects alive!

You also can watch a lot of talks in the decentralized room like Contributopia (by Framasoft).

Other highlights

During FOSDEM, building K contains a lot of booth. It’s the better place to discover new projects, talk to someone and not far from the cafeteria. This is some news or some cool projects I discovered in this place.

And lot of nice projects like Fedora, Mozilla, Qubes OS, Nextcloud, SecureDrop, Tor, etc.

My talks

I gave 2 talks with Adrien Béraud at FOSDEM. It was the first time I give a talk in English in front of more than 200 attendants. And… it was awesome! The public is nice, questions are precise and give nice discussions even after the talk.

Ring as a free universal distributed communication platform.

A conference about the state of Ring in 2018. The video is here and slides (pdf) and sources here

OpenDHT: make your project distributed

A conference about OpenDHT. I mainly talked about the proxy feature and push notifications support. The video is not available yet, but will be here

Special thanks

First, thanks to Savoir-Faire Linux for the opportunity to give a talk @ FOSDEM. And thanks to the FOSDEM team, the organization is just crazy (about 10K people to host, hardware, shirts, video to publish quickly (after 1 day, hundred of videos are available)). I helped to organized some little events and I know how hard it can be, but wow.

Only negative feedback I can give, maybe a lack of diversity? But still, I hope I will be there next year.